West Mercia County Shooting Competition 2018

Saturday 3rd February 2018
Represent your Scout District at the West Midlands Regional Shooting Centre, Aldersley, Wolverhampton.

Air Rifle and Air Pistol shooting
Air Rifle at 10 metres
Air Pistol at 10 metres
All on an Olympic Class indoor range.
Each District may enter 1 team of 8 competitors (consisting of Scouts, Explorers or Leaders)

Wolverhampton South District Air Rifle Competition 2018

The competition will take place at 10:00 on Sunday, 7th January 2018 at the West Midlands Regional Shooting Centre, Aldersley.

The rules and an entry form are attached. The entry form can be completed electronically and then printed out.

Amateur radio

On 1st July I sat the Advanced exam. Having passed, I am now fully licensed with the call sign M0RNW.

Amateur Radio Progress

On Thursday, 18 April, I sat and passed the RCF Intermediate exam. After a delay due to a problem on the Ofcom website, I finally got the call sign 2E0RJW on Friday 26th April.

So I am now allowed to work on all the amateur bands at powers up to 50W.

Next stage, the Advanced exam.

On the Air

Having completed and passed the foundation course and exam, I am now a licenced radio amateur with the call sign M6BYM.

Currently I am only able to on work 2m and 70cm (Baofeng UV-5R) but I expect to be on the 40m and 20m bands shorty, via a Softrock Ensemble RXTX.

IPv6 Certification

I have achieved the top level of certification for IPv6 with Hurricane Electric Apparently this means I will get a free T-shirt.
IPv6 Certification Badge for rjwellsted

Wolves LUG Christmas Quiz 2009 Answers

Congratulations to James and Amrik for 1st & 2nd place, now the answers
as promised complete with citations:

1.What is deoxyribonucleic acid better know as?
DNA - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNA

2.Which famous fictional character first appeared in “Beeton's Christmas
Annual 1887”?
Sherlock Holmes - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Study_in_Scarlet

Wolves LUG Christmas Quiz 2009

Having failed to cause enough suffering in past years, here is my latest

As usual, email your answers directly to me, not to the list.


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