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Barcamp Birmingham

This event will be held on Saturday 7th June 2014 between 9am and 5pm at The Studio Venue Company Ltd., 7 Cannon Street, Birmingham B2 5EP.

All the details can be found at

I hope to see you there.

Health Update

A few of you will know that I have been unwell recently.

The situation is that at the begining of December 2013, I was diagnosed with a form of heart disease known as Atrial Fibrillation. The main symptom of this is an iregular heart beat.

Amateur radio

On 1st July I sat the Advanced exam. Having passed, I am now fully licensed with the call sign M0RNW.

Amateur Radio Progress

On Thursday, 18 April, I sat and passed the RCF Intermediate exam. After a delay due to a problem on the Ofcom website, I finally got the call sign 2E0RJW on Friday 26th April.

So I am now allowed to work on all the amateur bands at powers up to 50W.

Next stage, the Advanced exam.

Telemarketers Beware!

I have finally reach the limit with unsolicited marketing calls (in spite of being registered with the TPS). So today I have implemented a couple of changes to the Asterisk phone system here.

1. All inbound calls with the number withheld will be presented with the number disconnected tones, then told that the call may be recorded (it will be!) before any phones ring.

2. If the call is from a telemarketer, I will transfer the call to

3. If they are already on my blacklist, they will automatically get transferred to

On the Air

Having completed and passed the foundation course and exam, I am now a licenced radio amateur with the call sign M6BYM.

Currently I am only able to on work 2m and 70cm (Baofeng UV-5R) but I expect to be on the 40m and 20m bands shorty, via a Softrock Ensemble RXTX.


I have booked my hotel for Oggcamp, so I hope to see you all there.

OggCamp11 - Friday

Three of us from WolvesLUG (Peter Cannon, Adam Sweet & myself) drove down to Surrey on the Friday. We arrived at Adam's hotel where I failed to run over Popey in the car park. We then made our way to the camp-site at Basingstoke canal centre where the hardier attendees (OggCampers) would be camping. Having setup camp, made a cup of tea for most of the OggCampers, it was off to the William Corbett pub in Farnham, to get something to eat and meet up with the other OggCamp attendees.

Driving to OggCamp11

I will be driving from Wolverhampton to OggCamp (unless something drastic happens!) so I have a total of 6 seats available (and limited luggage space). I will travel down Friday 12th August afternoon/evening and return Sunday 14th August afternoon/evening.

Cost: I will fill up with fuel on the Friday, and again on the return
to Wolverhampton on the Sunday and we will split the cost of the Sunday fill up equally between us.

IPv6 Certification

I have achieved the top level of certification for IPv6 with Hurricane Electric Apparently this means I will get a free T-shirt.
IPv6 Certification Badge for rjwellsted


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