OggCamp11 - Friday

Three of us from WolvesLUG (Peter Cannon, Adam Sweet & myself) drove down to Surrey on the Friday. We arrived at Adam's hotel where I failed to run over Popey in the car park. We then made our way to the camp-site at Basingstoke canal centre where the hardier attendees (OggCampers) would be camping. Having setup camp, made a cup of tea for most of the OggCampers, it was off to the William Corbett pub in Farnham, to get something to eat and meet up with the other OggCamp attendees. In spite of a large number of natives, we soon found a large number of like-minded individuals enjoying the summer evening in the beer garden. As the pub has a barbecue on Fridays, the issue of the food was soon resolved with a gourmet burger or two. Eventually, the OggCamp contingent took over most of the beer garden as only the hardiest natives remained in the face of an onslaught of smartphones, tablets and geek talk. Many old acquaintances were renewed and new ones formed. Then back to the campsite for sleep and the overnight rain.

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